This yard has lived a lot of lives

Let me take you back.  Way back.  Back to 2012 when we bought our house.  The house was smallish.  It was a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom, with a add-on enclosed patio type of thing.  The previous tenants were in the house when we looked at it.  It was pretty uncomfortable to look at a room where someone was sleeping in it.  To be honest… we never even saw the bedrooms until we got the keys to the place (scary!). We know it needed some love, but it had a decent floor plan.  I could see the potential.  The truth is that the house didn’t really sell us on the house, the backyard did.

Where we live a standard lot square footage is something between 5,000 and 6,000 sq. ft.  Our lot is over 8,000 sq. ft..  SO MUCH POTENTIAL!  I feel like this yard has lived many lives in the 6 years that we have been living there.

Life #1 – The wedding

We actually got married on the beach but had our reception in the back yard.


Life #2 – The garden

There was the time when I wanted to be an amazing gardener.  Like I wanted a garden like Martha Stewart or Oprah.  I loved it, but just never seemed to have enough time to keep up with it.  It deserved more.002001

Life #3 – The train wreck

After we added on to our house it left the back yard looking like a hot mess.  This is currently how we have been living.  We didn’t wanted to put any money into the back because we knew the we wanted to completely redo it.  Start from scratch.  This is pretty much scratch.  It is ALL WEEDS!  This picture shows why construction ruins yards.  hahah.


Life #4 – The Plan

With this big a yard it has been overwhelming for us to decide what we want.  We knew that we for sure wanted a few things.

  1.  A pool
  2. An outdoor kitchen
  3. Space to seat a lot of people.  It is Southern California, most of our entertaining happens outside.
  4. Some grass

We were stuck.  We know what we wanted but had no idea if it was all possible.  How much room do you need for a pool?  How big should an outdoor kitchen be?  What plants grow well together?  What about shade?  What about storage?  So we did what we normally do when we are stuck…. we brought in a professional!  I have never needed a designer before.  I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want before I start a project.  This time was different.

This is the plan for the space!  This is not exactly what we are going to do, but it did give us a better idea of how much space things take up.  Since the project is so large we decided to break it up into different phases.  We have started phase 1, which is the cement area around the BBQ and the dining area.  The rest is still a few years out ($$$$).


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