Apple Picking

I suck at celebrating holidays.  I hardly decorate for different seasons.  Actually, I don’t decorate for different seasons.  Last year was the first year I even did anything for Christmas.  Every year I tell myself “next year you will go all out”.  Then I don’t.  It always feels like it sneaks up on me.  Clay doesn’t have a picture with the Easter bunny, and our last attempt with Santa failed miserably.  In my defense, it is still 80° in Southern California, so it really doesn’t feel like fall yet.  Except that it is getting dark earlier, and it is cooler at night, and the leaves have changed color.  OK….. it feels like fall…just hot.

So I was so proud of myself (and Ty) for doing something seasonal.  We took Clay apple picking!  Clay is just starting to talk more and recently his favorite word is apple.  He points out every apple at the grocery store, in books, and even will randomly walk me to the fridge and ask for an apple.  He loves “eating” apples.  I put that in quotes because he doesn’t actually swallow any of the apple.  He takes bites, chews it up into tiny (swallowable) pieces, and the spits it out.  Just right where he is standing… spits it on the floor.  He literally runs around the house regurgitating apple all over the place.  A friend told me he is juicing.  Funny because he doesn’t like apple juice.  Toddlers are rad!

He LOVED apple picking.  He didn’t actually pick any off of a tree, mostly just picked up the gross rotting ones off the ground.  His bag of apples was at least 7  pounds and he refused to let anyone carry it for him.  It was really fun and I am really happy that we did something seasonal as a family.  I don’t know if this will be a tradition because that pressure already gives me anxiety, but we will definitely do it again.