Master Bathroom

When we bought this house it had an added on bonus room in the back. For a few years it housed our pool table and bar, which was awesome for that time of our lives. Our plan was always to tear out that part of the house and raise the foundation to match the rest of the house. I’ll share the before and after a in a later post, but I wanted to talk about one of my favorite spaces.

My master bathroom. It is actually really difficult for me to design a room from nothing. Like working with the architect, figuring out “must haves”, and “would like to haves”. I wanted something that made a statement, but that would be timeless. I wanted something that feels light, bright, and clean. I want it to feel like a place to relax. Oh… I designed this when I was pregnant so I wanted something that felt like an adult room.

Now that I have lived with this bathroom for two years and basically doing nothing to it, I am starting to get inspired to finish it. We actually didn’t have mirror above the sinks for over a year. I found the mirrors at Home Goods for 20$ each and put them on a photo ledge that I built. I painted them a dark gray since I definitely need something to start grounding out all the white marble.

I also added this shelf into the water closet (which is shockingly hard to photograph).

My goal is to add a lot more plants and natural wood elements. I am starting to realize that I keep waiting to post the “in between” pictures because I would like to document the finished product, but hell… this old house will probably never be “done”.

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