Progress vs. Perfection

I have mentioned before, but I got REALLY into gardening a few years back.  That gardening gene runs deep in my family.  My grandfather used to have a huge vegetable garden, and my mom is an amazing with plants.  I grew up basically with a park as a back yard.  She always grew vegetables and had multiple fruiting trees.  The most substantial was the huge avocado tree.  To say that I love avocados would be an understatement.   Like if I was stranded on a island and I had to pick one food to survive on forever, it would be avocados.  Thank goodness my mom has a tree because I would be broke otherwise.  Actually, the first solid food that Clay ate was avocado from my moms tree.

FullSizeRender (2)^Just a normal haul from my moms garden.

Now that I have thoroughly expressed my love for avocados, what happened to my garden?


We started a large add on which took up all of our time.

I was pregnant at the same and the construction.

When the construction was completed, and had a newborn.

Excuses Excuses!  Where I am at now.

My new life moto is to not let perfection stand in the way of progress.

I miss (soooooo much) having a functional outdoor space.  I honestly feel like I miss it more now than ever because I want my son to have a space where he can run and be a kid.  An outdoor space can make your house feel so much bigger because it expands your living space.  For the last year and half it has broken my heart to even go out there.  It makes me sad because I know what it was.  I know what it could be.  I can see the potential.  I just can’t make it happen fast enough.

The way that Ty and I approach big projects is to save up, and pay for them with cash.  This is awesome because we don’t go into debt, but it can make updates seem to go so slow.  We didn’t want to waste any money on the backyard since we were in the saving phase of a big renovation.  We stopped watering.  I will use the excuse that California was in a crazy drought at the time.  Yup that was it.  It had nothing to do with the fact that we just let our yard go.  During the construction we had to tear out ALL of our trees.  Including the avocado tree that was there when we bought the house (there were tears, but it was necessary).  It is like the Sahara desert back there getting baked by the sun.


Something happened this week.  PROGRESS.  The cement is starting to be poured.