A Cute Little Bike

Wow, it has been a busy summer!  I can definitely say that we have made some progress on the house, but I think that I will write about that later.  I instantly want to apologize for not writing sooner, but I will not because shit I am busy.  This summer has flown by!

A few weeks ago I was posting free outdoor chairs on that neighborhood app, and I came across someone selling the cutest little bike.  I know that Clay isn’t quite at the age to be pedaling a bike, but I have a hard time passing up a good deal.  20 minutes and $20 later this baby was ours!FullSizeRender (2)

I am obsessed with those little leather tassels and that wood standing area. The bike works great, and just needed a little cleanup.  The chrome was a little rusty so I got to work.  I find the instant gratification of cleaning something so satisfying!  I may have an OCD.  FullSizeRenderIn this picture above you can see the chrome above the bottom wheel is not cleaned up, but the top on is looking real shiny.  I have a trick!

WD40 and steel wool!


Seriously, it works so good.  You hardly need to scrub at all, and I had both of these in the garage already!  Within a couple minutes it looks brand new!IMG_7434